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You Matter

Imagine the impact of a drop of water hitting the ocean. A very insignificant impact one would say. However, our lives in Christ have not been designed to exist in this life and not matter.

WE MATTER! Stop thinking that because you do not have certain things, or do not live in a certain neighborhood, or have not obtained certain goals or aspirations, that your life does not matter.

We must understand that we have been equipped to influence. So stop and think, what is keeping you from making a bigger splash in this life. Is it the image that you have of yourself? Are you being held down by the mistakes of your past? Are you stuck because your present conditions seem hopeless? Are you paralyzed by the uncertainty of the future?

Our mistakes teach us to accept our present state.

Our present conditions release us from our hurts and failures and as we move forward.

WE MUST use what we have learned to impact the lives of others.

So now, we no longer see ourselves as pebbles being tossed into the ocean.

We are large stones thrown into a lake. Even after the initial splash, the ripple effect is still seen.



-Pastor Mike

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