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Moving Forward

Luke 17:14

14 And when he saw them, he said unto them,

Go shew yourselves unto the priests. And it came to pass, that, as they went, they were cleansed.

This life offers to everyone, on every level, without exceptions issues that can cause even the strongest in life to come to a standstill.

It makes no difference what the nature of the issue is. We all can and will be confronted with things in life that can knock us off our feet.

There have been days that I simply wanted to pull the cover over my head and stay in bed. Paralyzed by the events of life, I just wanted to stay still. Not moving forward and staying still was the option I “wanted“ to take. But thank the Lord for His word!

There are people that are reading this blog that are stuck with no hope and no vigor to do anything better. We expect things to change for us NOW, in the quickness of a flash of light. With the folding of the arms and the stomping of the feet, we stay stuck until things change. As each day passes we are prone to sink more into our anger, bitterness, and frustrations.

In the passage you will notice, these were lepers, who by the nature of the disease were outcasts from society. Yet they asked the Lord for healing. They could have stood right there, expecting the change they had been waiting for to take place. Yet Jesus tells them to “GO” show yourselves to the priests. Why go to the priests when what we are believing for has NOT taken place?

The Bible says that as they went, as they began to move their miracle took place. Yes! The longer you stay in that mindset, the longer you stay stubborn to move or to progress NOTHING will happen.

I encourage you to move forward. It may be hard! I agree, but you must move and move forward. As you go, and as you move, things WILL change!

Refuse to be stuck, move forward, and see what the Lord will do for you.

-Pastor Mike

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