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Refusing Complacency

What a blank page of endless opportunities, that have been presented to us as we progress through this moment in history.

We can either stay the same way we are, exit this pandemic with no new vigor or goals, OR dare to come out of this better.

The only way you and I will achieve any greatness after this, is that RIGHT now we refuse to be complacent.

The definition of complacency speaks volumes for change.

“An uncritical satisfaction of oneself without a care to change”.

This mode of staying at home and away from people can cause many people to adopt the attitude that "this is the best that life has to offer". If we are not careful THIS can become our new normal.

It is important that each one of us, use this time to make improvements to ourselves. What is it that you can improve on? I have found it encouraging to use this time to explore “MIKE”. What I like, what do I need to change, where do I want to go?

Look around my friends, even though these are challenging times, these are the times where greatness is born.

However, if you allow yourself to simply settle down in complacency, every day will always be cloudy.

The Bible says in Isaiah 43:19, for I'm going to do a brand new thing (TLB)

One day I went to make a deposit at the bank and I handed the teller my deposit which included and handful full of change. The teller said, "Sir, next time do not bring the change here because the change is too heavy." WOW, what a statement “change is heavy". They did not want to deal with my change because the change was heavy.

Is complacency the HEAVY CHANGE that is holding us back from experiencing the BRAND NEW THING that God wants to do in our lives?

Like the baby chick that is breaking out of the eggshell for life, my friends break yourself free from complacency and blaze a new trail in this life.

Refuse to be complacent.

-Pastor Mike

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