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Let your voice be heard

I don’t believe that the only issues that Christians must address have to be "CHURCH" related. One of the many responsibilities of the Church is to address the many ills of our society. More than just sin, heaven and hell! Our voices must be heard wherever and whenever issues arise.

We cannot turn a deaf ear to the injustices of this society. We cannot "place our heads in the sand” while homelessness is on the rise. Our children are being sold into slavery and the plight of people who have no voice and no resources continue to be repeated generation after generation. While we hide behind our policy of the separation of Church and State.

This is the time and this is the hour for our voices to be heard and it must be a sound that is LOUD AND CLEAR.

Two ways to let your voice be heard.

  • In Heaven when you pray.

  • And on earth when you VOTE.

Don’t let anything silence your voice, especially complacency.

-Pastor Mike

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