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The Bible states that a “merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit drieth” I know that we are in serious times HOWEVER, we need to take the time and enjoy a good laugh. And I will say that with the family i've been blessed with, I have over dosed on laughter.

1.Me: Cay-Cay (my granddaughter) do not do that, I’m going to tell your Grandma Stella.

Cay-Cay: Don’t tell her.

Me: WHY?

Cay-Cay: SHE OLD.

2. Me watching Kenny tease Josh about Josh leaving his last will and testament during his illness.

3. Me getting dating tips from my 16 and 14-year-old granddaughters.

4. Josh imitating his older brother.

5. Me watching Cay-Cay praise dance and she can’t dance.

6. Watching Jamie'e imitate Marlyn folding up his towel during praise service.

I mean there is plenty to laugh about.

Life in all that it brings can cause anybody to wither away but laughter does the body and spirit good.

So, take the time to laugh!

-Pastor Mike

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